Farm & Ranch

Aerial photography and videos can enhance the beauty of a farm or ranch that a picture only cannot achieve. Investors or buyers will spend more time viewing and receive a more detailed view of the property and surrounding landscape. A Drone can fly from 10-400 feet above ground and at speeds of 0-50 miles per hour giving the viewer a personal tour without leaving their computer. Some of the best views from ground level are obstructed by trees or vegetation which a Drone can easily navigate around.

Commercial Real Estate

Aerial photography has been a part of real estate marketing for a long time; however, these views have traditionally been captured via helicopters and have been reserved for only the most expensive listings. Drones have significantly reduced the cost of aerial photography and have made it affordable to all.

Residential Real Estate

Showcase your real estate listing and give your potential customers a first-hand view of the property and surrounding neighborhood in high resolution imaging and video up to 4K. Drive increased traffic and interest to your listing and take real estate closings to new heights.

Insurance Claims and Inspection

UAV’s can help accelerate surveys of disaster areas with high resolution images for faster claims handling, risk assessment and payments to the customer. Drones can also quickly and safely reach areas that could be dangerous or inaccessible for manual inspection while providing richer information about properties, structures and claims events.

Wind Turbines & Solar Farms

UAV’s can safely inspect Wind Turbines and Solar Farms while providing high resolution imagery to detect any worn or damaged parts. This allows the field tech to stay safe on the ground while improving operational efficiency.

Power Line & Cable Inspections

As the energy infrastructure ages, there will be more blackouts that could have been prevented. The only way to prevent this economic loss is through regular asset monitoring which is achievable by deploying Drones to provide management with up to date information.

Critical Infrastructure Inspection (Bridges, Railways, Dams)

Using UAV’s to video and scan for cracks, erosion, corrosion and defects in areas that would require the inspector to climb, repel, or erect scaffolding is obviously a safer, faster and smarter choice. When disaster strikes it can be days or weeks before employees can inspect these areas and have the information necessary to expedite repairs.

Construction Sites

Aerial images can serve to document the status and progress of construction and are useful in clarifying questions. These images are also useful in keeping the project on time and within budget.

Telecom (Cell Towers)

UAV’s have become the obvious solution to the dangerous, expensive and time consuming task of tower inspections. Every time a Drone is used that is one less tower climb which provides a safer environment for company and technician.